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Self Serve Car Wash

Self Serve Car Wash - Fort Collins, Colorado

Using a self serve car wash instead of washing in your driveway saves water and is better for the environment.  Most high pressure car wash guns use 3-6 gallons of water per minute as compared to your typical garden hose that puts out 10-16 gallons of water per minute.  Also, the contaminates from your car and soap chemicals run into the storm drains when you wash at home.  This dirty water typically ends up in rivers, streams, and lakes.  Be good to the environment and don't wash your vehicle in your driveway.  More info can be found at the Water Savers Website

Our four self serve bays are open 24 hours and accept both coins and credit cards.  The system starts with only a quarter as opposed to some car washes that require a dollar or more before the dispense the car wash.

Each of our bays include...

  • High pressure soapfoam brush
  • Foam brush
  • Presoak detergent
  • Tire cleaner
  • Bug remover
  • High pressure rinse
  • Wax
  • Spot free rinse

We use a powerful commercial hot water heater to provide hot water for our high pressure system.  This helps clean your vehicle by cutting away at dirt and contaminates.

Our low pressure guns dispense the presoak and tire chemicals in a wide angle pattern.  They do a great job of covering your vehicle before moving on to the high pressure soap and foam brush.

Our cherry scented foam brush puts out a thick quality foam and our brushes are 100% hogs hair for a gentle touch on your vehicle's paint.  We recommend using the high pressure gun to rinse the foam brush before using to be sure that any debris is removed from the previous car wash.

We use filtered water for our spot free rinse at a medium pressure.  Customers that use our spot free rinse after applying the wax coat will find that their vehicle is completely dry without spots before they reach their next destination.  This is the best way to finish up your car wash!

Self Serve Coin Vacuums

Now that you are done cleaning the outside of your car it's time to take care of the passenger area.  We offer 6 coin operated vacuums with a trash area for your cleaning pleasure.  Don't forget to move the seats to both the front and back positions to find all of those missing Cheerios under the seats 🙂

Leave The Details To Us

If your car is ready for a deep clean or you would like someone else to put in the elbow grease... Call our detail shop or book an auto detail appointment online.