How Often Should You Wax Your Car?

You love your car and want to protect its finish while making it look good. So you wax it, and wax it often. However, too much waxing wastes wax and takes up time. It can also increase the risk of unintentional scratches from the toweling it off. Generally, you should plan on waxing your car at least every quarter, however, there are several factors that can increase this frequency.

Extreme heat

Heat and UV rays from the sun degrade the wax on your car, so in the summer you may want to wax your car a bit more; once at the beginning of June and once at the beginning of August. If you live in an especially hot environment, like Arizona, you may want to wax your car once a month during the summer to ensure your car is protected. To maximize your protection, try to wax your car at the beginning of April as well.

Extreme cold

If you live in a cold environment such as the midwest, you know the problems associated with winter; traffic, shoveling, and of course, cold weather. Add another thing to your list of winter annoyances; wax. It’s not surprising that road salt breaks down wax, but the sharp edges of ice that fall during ice storms can also degrade your wax. Sitting under layers of snow after a storm can also decrease your wax’s lifespan, not to mention how bad scraping that accumulated snow off your car is for a wax job. To prepare for winter, make sure to wax your car at the beginning of November. If your area is experiencing a particularly bad winter, you may want to try to wax your car once a month. This can be a problem, however; if you don’t have a large garage, you can’t wax your car in the middle of a snowstorm. During the winter, you are going to have to get your car waxed by a professional. To make sure you get the best service possible, check out waxing services in the summer.

Colorado Car Waxingwax your car

Here in Colorado we get a little of both worlds.  At our higher elevation, the sun can be fierce on your paint during the long summer months.  In the winter we get the snow which means our streets are treated with gravel and mag chloride.  It is good to wash your vehicle after a snow storm and possibly during if the storm lasts for weeks.  A good coat of wax can help protect your paint before and mid winter.

Type of Wax

Paste waxes last longer, and generally don’t need to be touched up more than once a quarter (unless extreme weather conditions begin to break down wax). This extra protection comes at a cost; paste wax takes a long time to apply to your car. In contrast, spray waxes can be applied quickly, but even under the best conditions, they only last about a month. The type of wax you use depends upon the amount of free time you have, however when you wax your car in preparation for winter cold or summer heat, take the extra time to apply a paste wax so that if your schedule gets too busy to wax your car, you still have some protection.

Express Wax Service

Our express wax service is only $39.95.  We apply a thick wax either by hand application or high speed orbital polisher.  This service can typically be scheduled the day of, but feel free to setup an appointment either by phone at (970) 420-0448 or by booking your car wax online.


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